Friday, 16 October 2009

Wrong Focus

That Debi Alper, she's very wise:

"I think you're focusing on the negative aspects of being an author - and there are plenty, but as with anything in life, if they become too prominent EITHER something practical has to change OR you need to switch internal focus.

Seems to me from this post that writing had become (whether by accident or design) a means of seeking money - always a Very Bad Idea - you know that only a tiny number of ostensibly successful authors actually make a living from selling books. And also, because of everything else that was going on, a means of seeking validation. But the problem with that is that it's out of your control. It means you're relying on others to make you feel good.

All of that stuff is not a good reason for writing and I'm convinced they weren't your real reasons but it all started getting mixed up so it was impossible to see what was really going on.

I DO believe you're a good writer.
I DO believe that if you ever come back to it (not gonna say I'm sure you will cos that will really annoy you!) you would eventually achieve a deal. Look - you already had a book published here, another in a foreign country, and (no matter what happened) impressed an agent enough to take you on.

There are plenty of writers who would give teeth for that amount of validation."

She might have a point.


Beth said...

Yeah, she does. I knew there was something wrong with what you were saying but couldn't figure out what. Nice one Debi :)

Queenie said...

I think she's got several points! Clever, clever Debi - and well done you for being able to recognise her wisdom.

pierre l said...

Hurray for Debi

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Perfect points by Debi and acknowledgement by your good self. Wisdom needs access to us always, and as ever you have it from those around you to help bolster that wisdom within you. Love as ever x

Debi said...

Oooh - you've elevated my comments into a post!

Thanks, dear Squirrel. Glad my nuggets seem to have struck a chord. x