Thursday, 28 April 2011


I just put a mobile through the washing machine. Didn't discover it until I was hanging the washing out to dry. Contains loads of my partner's important work stuff. Argh.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

All New Again

I left my job the other week. I am currently jobless and don't much care - I am taking time off while my son is on school holiday, despite the fact that my partner is also on a reduced income and I have no idea what I'm doing next.

It was getting so corrosive there. I'm going to continue in the New Career for the time-being, and am hoping it was the workplace rather than the job itself, but there is a possibility that I'll end up having to give it up altogether. The sense of relief is immense, and the optimism is returning. I'm enjoying just living from day to day and spending time with my children, not to mention getting some sleep and reading some books.

I was pushed as much as I jumped; I wasn't really welcome to stay. I have a million* possible reasons for why I didn't get on there, and of course "I'm bloody incompetent" is one of them. But I'll never know for sure and I'd rather look forward than dwell on it. The irony is that I've already been invited to talk to people entering into this career about my experiences. I think I might become an Expert in How To Be Inexpert. That would be a laugh.

If anyone has any work, let me know.

*Oh all right then, 999,876.