Saturday, 7 November 2009


Me and a 7-yr-old I know were playing the game where you have to try and trick your opponent into saying the word "Yes". He had held out for ages, then he said: "You'll never catch me out."
"Are you sure we can't catch you out?" said I.
"Yes," said he.

And a little later...
"You do me now," said I.
"No, you do me," said he.
"Oh go on, do me," I said.
"No me," he said.
"Oh all right then," I said. "So I'm doing you then, yes?" I said.
"Yes," he said.

Hahaha. I love that he's old enough now for me to play proper games with him and not have to make concessions!


Karen said...

That's so mean. And so funny :o))

Jen said...

You rotter :0)

Anonymous said...

that's so funny. Is a growing experience, I'm sure...

Debi said...

You have a very mean streak - and I bet he loves it!