Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sponsorship, innit

Gah, I am hopeless at this. I don't like asking people for sponsorship.

I'm running a 10k Race for Life event in Heaton Park (Manchester) in July, and haven't actually asked anyone to sponsor me yet. If I'm honest I'm doign it because the events themselves are really enjoyable / moving and I needed a way to make sure I kept doing exercise (without spending money on it) while unemployed.

[geeky numbers bit]
I've been running several times round the local park, once or twice a week. So far I'm up to 8 times round, which I calculate is about 4 miles, or 6.4km. I reckon if I go 13 times round, that will be 6.5 miles, which is just over 10k. So I have 5 weeks to up the ante by one lap each week. This week I have to go round 9 times. That's this afternoon's project.

The exercise is just about keeping me sane. And it would make me feel slightly less of a numpty if I do actually raise some money for charity as well as keeping myself sane. So, um. There you go. It's a good cause! Cancer charities, innit.

Email me if you want to sponsor me, and I'll give you the guff. Or just go to Race for Life and search on my real name.


Anonymous said...

I can't remember your real last name, "Alice". If you could you drop us an email I'll happily sign the sponsor form.

Beleaguered Squirrel said...

Have done me best Looby - my computer is broke so am having trouble cross-referencing stuff and can't follow the email link from your blog, but I thnk I have got the right email address for you! If you don't get an email from me, um, post again here and we'll try and work something out. Somehow I need to get hold of your email address!

looby said...

Got it thank you!