Sunday, 21 June 2009

Russian Nuts

Oh yeah, and my Russian nuts have come out. Which is just bloody weird. I received my very own basket, and they look quite like English nuts, only they're all in foreign.

So... being as how the nut analogy is pretty much falling apart, cos unlike real ones my nuts can't be truly enjoyed in anything but their consumers' native country... it's all just totally odd. Nobody I know can eat my nuts, or admire their aesthetic splendour. Noone whose opinion I crave will ever know whether my nuts are any good.

Which means I can pretend they're the best thing ever, and you can't disagree.

Also I got paid. Which was a total shock, cos payment is normally slow. So, I have incomprehensible nuts but money in the bank, which is better than a dunk in a frozen pond. So I win.

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