Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Birthday Begins

This evening my friend insisted on coming round and giving me 40 birthday presents, because they couldn't easily be brung to the Birthday Proper.

Because I am Very Stupid Indeed, it took me several texts and several presents before I finally rememberd that, in the context of this birthday, the number 40 was significant. I thought she just happened to have acquired 40 presents for me, cos she's a bit prolific like that and is the manager of a charity shop. So anyway. For every present (they were numbered and had to go in a particular order, and every single one was wrapped, and had a numbered tag with a clue on it) I had to remember what I was doing for that year of my life. Which was mathematically confusing, because we were drinking beer and I am a bear of little brain and I was born in July on the turn of the decade, so every year of my life encompasses exactly half each of two of your earth years, and one of them ends in (Age minus one) and the other is (Age plus one) but I can never remember which way round it is, so we spent a lot of time saying things like "When you were 28 it was 2007, no 2008, no..." until we reached 39, at which point I screwed my face up yet again and said "Well, it must have been 2009..." and Ally said, "you opened lots of presents..." and I said, "I had a baby! Three days after my birthday!"

...and when I was 40 my life suddenly came together and everything made sense for the first time in ages.



Well for fuck's sake, how do [i]I[/i] know???


Some Chilean Woman said...

You have some awesome friends! On my last birthday I got some glow in the dark panties, I am still very confused.

Rullsenberg said...

40 presents! From one person!? Blimey. I'm not sure I could rustle up 40 presents from 40 friends (I don't think I even know 40 people well enough for them to even consider getting me any kind of present!)

And, as a squirrel, you're doing very well to remember what you were up to each year of your life, with or without beer...

JoeinVegas said...

Everything makes sense now? wow

Jen said...

Oh my God, I sooo want to send you pressies. I'm going to. Yeah.

Your friend sounds marvellous and most memoried which is slightly alarming. 40 is good though. It's going to be a vintage year. One to remember. I foresee it in my teabag. Oh yes I do.

Beleaguered Squirrel said...

Glow in the dark panties, LOL!

It's true, I do have lovely friends, further proved to me by birthday celebrations.

I know 40 sounds like a lot, but she does work in a charity shop and has to chuck loads of really good stuff away so is a bit compulsive about rescuing good stuff and then giving it to friends... but still, it is very impressive, and much appreciated!

SpiralSkies, how exciting! I certainly won't complain. But won't expect anything either!

Vintage year as foretold by teabag? Sounds good to me.