Friday, 24 July 2009


Incredibly, I don't have swine flu. Yet. But I do have several friends with it, so it's probably only a matter of time. So I am holding my breath and holding my breath amd hoping hoping hoping but not quite daring to hope that tomorrow morning I will be able to go on a months-ago-planned cycling holiday with my son and my dad. A generational velocerous sandwich, if you like. But... me and plans, lately... [squeezes eyes shut tight and hopes very hard]

I don't have swine flu but I do have a gardening bug, which sees me going to bed - well, all right then, bath - aching, tired, covered in mud and very happy each night. So I don't have time for much else. But I do have a garden bursting at the seams with green waste which is stupidly hard to get rid of so I'm going to BREAK THE LAW (eek, oo-er, etc) and have a bonfire tonight. I expect I'll catch fire and become horribly disabled and unable to go on my cycling holiday. Or I'll create a gigantic smoke cloud which will coincidentally fell all train drivers in the vicinity and make it impossible for me to reach my destination, or I'll start a huge city fire, the worst since 1066 (no, that sounds wrong. 1466? 1664? ah feckit, it was in London, quite a long time ago, the number six was involved and possibly the number four), the houses will all burn down and fall on the train tracks...

...but if THAT doesn't happen then I will be travelling the country for the next week or two while Mr Other Half Man guards the homestead. Hurrah!

Right. Time to climb a ladder. Have secateurs, will create more green waste. Enjoy your swine flu. xxx


Clair said...

1666? I think.

Also, do you have a compost bin (I should hope so). Probably won't take all your green waste, but will take a suprisingly large amount of it.

Queenie said...

Have fun!

Beleaguered Squirrel said...

"will take a suprisingly large amount of it."

Hahaha, you have NO IDEA. I have two compost heaps, but I have also choppped down five trees and cleared two skips' worth of rampaging Russian vine. Our garden is pretty big, and was very overgrown. Compost heaps not much use. Too much to fit in a skip, way too much to go in a car, and vans aren't allowed at the town dump. But anyway. We'll find a way.

JoeinVegas said...

Can it go over a neighbor's fence?

Jen said...

I must confess, I have purchased a new hedge cutting device recently. It gives me strange manly urges to frighten the neighbours or possibly go rampaging through a library, slicing up Mills and Boons in a very menacing manner. It makes an ace noise. Also, top gardening tip: When you are cutting a super-tall hedge containing holly and other evil pointy stuff, do not perform the hedge-cutting in a bikini top. It is most ouchy.

Happy Holidays... enjoy a non-pig cycling adventure. Huzzah for bicycles.