Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful

Ha! I am having a nice time (she said triumphantly).

Good God, but ain't life a funny thing. I spent a good few months of my life losing an awful lot of sleep over the potential disaster that was Losing My Job, and now it's happened and it's the best thing to have befallen my sorry arse for a goodly length of time.

1) The sun is shining.

2) Yesterday I went to my grandparents' house to rescue some items before it is sold, and now my own home is full of things I have known since I was teeny-tiny, and I find them immensely comforting. Silly small things like a broken bear, a flour tin and some small cracked pink dessert bowls. And lovely bigger things like a wooden highchair I once sat in myself. I'd assumed this last would be purely decorative/sentimental, as my littlest stopped bothering with such things a year ago. But as soon as he spotted it, he wanted to eat his breakfast in it (he is still only two, although nearly three), and luckily he fits in it nicely. We ate breakfast together in the garden. Hurrah.

3) I am Getting Jobs Done, and they are all jobs I Enjoy Getting Done. Today I am mostly Dong My Accounts, which is something I have always found greatly satisfying. Yay.


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

yay for you! and for sun! And for small and big inherited objects of emotional value, and for Getting Jobs Done!

Sue Guiney said...

Great! Isn't it amazing how these things happen and horrible events can turn out to be blessings. I know it sounds a bit namby pamby (never wrote that word out before....), but I think it's true.

Mouse said...

It's an old Cliche, Squirrel ... but every cloud has a silver lining ... and you've just found yours! Enjoy!
Mouse x

Jen said...

Smiling bigly for you :0)

looby said...

Well done! The relief shines through from every word!

I lost my job a couple of years ago. I went through Panic > Acceptance > Embrace > Delight. And now I would still buy those vulture venture capitalists who broke up the firm a drink if ever I met them.

Alice Turing said...

Thankyou everyone.

You're so right looby, mouse and sue. Despite minor setbacks I am finding life so much more pleasant now, and there are many ways in which this was the best thing to happen, and a lot of it has been unexpected.